John Mahama’s All Grown Up Daughter, Slays In Bone Straight Wig At Eid Party – New Video

On Sunday, April 23, 2023, Farida Mahama, the daughter of Ghana’s former president John Mahama, attended an Eid party organized by her brother Sharaf Mahama.

In a video from the party, she was seen laughing with former Miss Malaika Queen Jasmine Djang while looking at something on Jasmine’s phone.

Both women looked stunning in their abayas; Farida wore olive green, while Jasmine wore black.

Their infectious smiles were enough to melt the hearts of many Ghanaians. As the video circulated on social media, many people couldn’t help but wonder what had caught the attention of the two young women.

Some speculated that it was a funny meme or video, while others guessed that it was a touching message from someone, they both knew.

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Regardless of what it was, the video captured a moment of joy and friendship that many people found heartwarming.

Watch the video below: