"Jesus Christ is not going to heal anyone when sickness come, but..."Majid Michel 1

“Jesus Christ is not going to heal anyone when sickness come, but…”Majid Michel

Majid Michel, the Ghanaian pastor and actor, has told people about the role of Jesus Christ in our lives, and why it is not important to resort to him for some things.
His fellow actor, acquaintance and film producer Yvonne Nelson asked him in a video shared on his Instagram page as to why it seems like Jesus is no longer healing people.

She could not understand why people still fast and pray for their loved ones, according to her, and then they always lose them in the end. She asked if that was that Jesus failed to heed their pleas and to supply the ill with healing.

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In response, Majid clarified that Jesus already offered humans the ability to cure themselves and make life simpler, so it is pointless to rush to him again for healing or a better life.

He also claimed that man only needs to learn how to harnesses their God-given strength through the Holy Spirit, and use it with the confidence and authority Jesus did to cure one another.

Watch the following video;

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