It was Banku: Diana Asamoah finally react to pregnancy rumor in a new video

Evangelist Diana Asamoah, an award-winning musician and pastor, has spoken out about how God vindicated her when she was accused of being pregnant.

Evangelist Diana Asamoah announced during a live broadcast on Rainbow Radio that God waged her war for her and is still battling for her against the baseless rumors leveled against her.

However according her, a devilish plan had been devised to discredit her and the service of God she was so tirelessly undertaking, and the only way for her critics to do this was for her to reveal she was pregnant.

The Pentecost Sore Ndwom singer clarified that the picture of her with what seemed to be a protruding belly that went viral was not of her pregnant.

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Fiifi Pratt had asked her to an interview, and she had eaten banku and okro stew the night before, causing her stomach to protrude.

She also wore a dress that seemed to be too snug for her, making her stomach seem larger than normal, according to the veteran Ghanaian singer.

Diana Asamoah said that God had justified her and now anyone who knows her can attest to the fact that she was not expecting a child.

She further said that the God she worships must deal with those who were plotting to humiliate her in public.

The musician said that she had already given a testimony in church thanking God for fighting for her, but she was aware that God was not yet finished with her critics.

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watch the video below;