"It is very scary to have a cheating husband." - Gifty Anti 1

“It is very scary to have a cheating husband.” – Gifty Anti

Veteran Ghanaian broadcaster, Oheneyere Gifty Anti has taken to social media to air her greatest fears when comes to dealing with a Cheating Husband.

The host of the Standpoint show made it plain that she is not concerned with cheating husbands impregnating other women, but rather with the fact that the majority of them do not protect themselves during their promiscuity, putting their spouses at danger of catching HIV.

“The scariest part of having a cheating husband is not about him impregnating another woman,” she wrote. “The scariest part is he coming home to infect his wife with all sorts of infections and diseases including HIV!! “

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Gifty Anti continued with a statistic, revealing that “A lot of women are having to treat Sexually transmitted diseases and infections almost every month. “

Gifty Anti’s post, on the other hand, was inspired by another woman who shared her story with the broadcaster, revealing that she tested positive for HIV only last week, only to discover her spouse had been infected for two years.

“Someone just shared her story of how she tested positive for HIV, just last week, only to find out her husband has been positive for the past 2 years!! Yes, 2 years and he never told his wife, never used protection and he is still sleeping around with young women including people’s wives!! Lord save us!!! Please save us,” Gifty Anti added.

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