“It is true what Tornado is saying; I have watched Afia Schwar’s son gay video, it will be released soon”- Maame Ngege

A looming humiliation is waiting for James Ian Heerdegen Geiling as a result of an alleged gay sex film, and this awful fate of his is appearing more and more likely to materialize.

Nana Tonardo has leveled accusations against Afia Schwar’s son, James, and threatened to reveal a damning s*x tape of him.

Unfortunately, Afia Schwar hasn’t helped her son’s predicament by continually challenging Odii Tonar to release the tape.


According to a number of people’s opinions, James is merely a victim of the ongoing conflict between Odii Tonar and Afia Schwar.


However, it is remarkable that James’ mother was not compelled to speak up and deal with the situation in a delicate manner in light of the potential that James’ s*x tape held.

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The boy has been put through an emotional whirlwind, and there is growing concern that this may be detrimental to his mental health in the long run.


Unluckily, a social media user by the name of Maame Ngege has gone public with the news and confirmed that the s*x tape does in fact exist.



Even if Afia Schwar continues to irritate him, Odii Tonar has been cautioned by his “Odiisciples” not to release the sex tape to the public.


They claim that Afia Schwar is currently in a desperate state and is seeking to ensnare him in a lawsuit battle over the scandalous subject in order to bring about a catastrophic outcome.

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In the meanwhile, you may find more information on the leak below.