Is Thomas Partey Going To Jail?

According to allegations that have been circulating on Twitter, a Ghanaian midfielder is in the midst of the biggest shock of his life after his fiancée allegedly accused him of rape.

Sarah Bella, the Moroccan girlfriend of Ghanaian soccer player Thomas Partey, is rumored to be the person who tried to frame the Ghanaian midfielder for rape, which nearly got him into problems not too long ago, according to the most recent news that has been making the rounds.

On Twitter, a person who claims to be close to the footballer has provided an account of what took place, saying that they are his close friend in Ghana.

According to the article, Sarah, Partey’s girlfriend, accused him of raping her after he turned down her proposal of marriage and refused to marry her.

He says everything was well between them up until the point that he turned down her proposal of marriage. After that, when Partey made the decision that he did not want to marry her, she went to the police and accused him of having raped her.

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According to sports journalist Juliet Bawuah, rumors are circulating that Sara Bella has updated her relationship status on social media, changing it from “Married” to “Single.” The previous status read “Married.”

It is said that Thomas Partey is in a state of shock after spending 700,000 British Pounds on his current girlfriend, Sarah Bella. Bella is currently accusing the player of rape, and Partey has spent the money on her.

Remember also that Thomas Partey changed his name to Yakubu and converted from Christianity to Islam as a result of his lover from Morocco who is believed to have accused him of raping her. This was all due to the allegations that she made against him.

Is Thomas Partey Going To Jail?

Premier League star Thomas Partey may be arrested for sexual assault. Recent trends on Twitter support the allegation that the football player is a sexual offender.

Thomas Partey, a 29-year-old Ghanaian footballer, is named in the article regarding the arrest of an Arsenal player.

One of the tweets by a football fan reads, “TOTTENHAM BOYS, WE’RE ON A BENDER, THOMAS PARTEY IS A SEX OFFENDER.

After reported the arrest of an Arsenal player in his late 20s, there was a discussion on social media about whether or not Thomas Partey was in training.

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In the meantime, the news does not divulge the player’s identity. However, social media is exploding with the name of a Ghanaian footballer who is a sexual offender.

Thomas’s fan base, on the other hand, asserts that he is practicing in Germany, therefore there is no need for him to be jailed in London.

Currently, the alleged player is being questioned in connection with a rape that occurred in late June.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement, “A rape allegation involving a young woman in her 20s was reported on July 4.”