I’m Enjoying My Marriage – Lawyer Who Married A Beautiful Blind Lady Speaks (Video)

Nigerian lawyer Thankgod Ohaeri has retaliated against those who said he would suffer because of his marriage to a blind lady by stating that he is content with his union.

In an interaction with BBC News, Pidgin Thankgod revealed that despite advice not to marry his wife Amarachi, he still decided to create a family with her.

In his native dialect, he said:

“…but I be man and I know wetin wetin I want. No be pesin go tell me who I go marry.

“I love my wife well becos she be better pesin. Pipo tell me say I go suffer well-well as I wan marry woman wey no dey see.”

Thankgod, who has a sight disability, partially remembered having negative experiences with females before marrying because they mistreated him rudely.

He said that the women he had dated in the past did not truly love him since they were just attracted to him due to his wealthy background.

“I observe say na my money dem dey target so I begin avoid dem.”

Even though Amarachi is married to the love of her life, not every member of her family approves of the relationship, she claimed.

She continued by saying that despite having a disability, she is still able to look after her husband, child, and house.

Amarachi, on the other hand, hoped for the day she would finally meet her husband, whom she believes to be a handsome guy.

She also said’

“I go happy well-well. I roll for ground and I thank God. I know say my husband na handsome man.”

Watch their video below;