“I won’t lose ayawaso elections so that people will troll me” – John Dumelo

Actor John knows he will face trolls should he lose the upcoming elections he will be contestiong for at ayawaso.

A fan, told him the ultimate reality he will face should he lose the elections, but John was optimistic he will win to avoid the trolls.

“And the way you always try to be funny I like that but keep the same Energy after you lose cuz bro unless you deactivate your Account. And don’t come and do we all one and that nonsense when you lose cuz the petty we all be some but we just don’t bring it here.” the fan tweeted.

Dumelo in replying to the tweet wrote “It’s like people are just waiting for me to lose the elections so they can troll. Bro, failure is not my portion. Maybe it’s yours….:”