“I will perform at your wedding for free”- Shatta wale tells ex-girlfriend Michy

Does Shatta Wale truly miss Michy, or is he just trying to gain some influence?

Since yesterday, Charles Nii Armah Menah, also known as Shatta Wale, has been on top of his baby mother, Michy. We’re not sure if the “Ayoo” hitmaker is acting sincere or just trying to get attention.

In a recent video that we came across on blogger SammyKay’s page, Shatta Wale was seen begging Michy to be friends with him even if they were unable to reconcile their romantic differences. He even stated that he would perform at Michy’s wedding for free if she were to wed someone else.

He stated:

“Shatta Michy, this is what I want you to be doing every time you We can’t be together, yes, but we can be good friends, we can do sh!t together for majesty. “

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I’ve been doing what a responsible man needs to do in life. Anybody around me that even has a problem with me knows me as I’m so responsible for the things that I do.

So I love the way the symbol of hope went up because you built it. I’m not the only person who built it, but you talked a whole about the Shatta Movement and we built it and we made a symbol for it. “

Keep doing this because God is going to bless you, God is going to open many doors for you, God is going to see your heart as yes, you are ready for your future and he’s going to build a beautiful future for you.

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I want to see you flourish, I want to see you shine, I want to see you move on and do something good for yourself, and I don’t mind when you get married and come and perform for you for free.

watch the video below.