“I will not flop like Asem, Eazzy and the rest for leaving lynx entertainment” – mzvee

Lynx entertainment is one of Ghana’s biggest record labels and have produced the likes of , Mzvee, Asem, Eazzy, zigi, Kidi and Kuami Eugene.

One thing about lynx is that all the artist that leave the label does not get any impact in the Ghana Music industry again.

Mzvee who recently left seems headed the same way after she went silent in the industry for close to two years.

Now she is back and is hopeful that she will not end up like her colleagues.

“Lynx is made up of a team of people who have specific roles, and they do it so well and they are all hardworking, if the artiste is not sleeping, they are also not sleeping, it’s the same with the team I have now, they are super hard working, and they love what they do, if I’m not sleeping, they are not sleeping.

“So I don’t know what mentality the other artistes left with, but I know I have got the talent, and the right team, and I have got love, and I think that is really going to go a long way because when I was really not on the scene, people just kept saying ‘come back, come back, where are you? we are missing you’, it was overwhelming. Just these text messages alone tell me there’s no way I’m going to just start and stop, it’s going to go a very long time,” MzVee disclosed