“I will marry my girlfriend when i stop paying rent”- Kofi Mole (video)

Kofi mole has revealed that he does not have any plans of settling down with his girlfriend Cocotrey now.

In an interview, the rapper disclosed that he wants to be financially independent before he thinks about making such a commitment.

Kofi Mole and singer Cocotrey have been dating for some time now.

Mole revealed he has explained to her that they are in their prime and should make more money before making the ultimate marriage commitment.

"I will marry my girlfriend when i stop paying rent"- Kofi Mole (video) 1

“It’s not a big deal, it’s a vibe. But for now, we’re too young to be thinking about marriage stuff. The thing is, I feel like I have to accomplish a lot before I start thinking about marriage and other things. I want to be fully independent, like I can provide everything – not just the basic needs but as a man, you see beautiful things, Range Rovers, Mansions; everybody must get some but not when you’re still paying bills to someone, then you want to go and marry, No! I must first be independent and get everything on my own, yeah.” Kofi stated.

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