“I will beat Afia Schwarzenegger like my daughter if i get her”- Kumawood actor Oboy siki

Kumawood actor Oboy Siki has made it abundantly obvious that, should Afia Schwarzenegger disrespect him in any way, he will beat the living hell out of her.

During one of the actor’s interviews, he discussed Tracey Boakye’s marriage and compared it to a movie. He also mentioned the possibility that the marriage may soon end in tears.

This remark did not sit well with Afia Schwarzenegger, who is not only a close friend of Tracey Boakye but also a colleague of hers.

Because he had made disparaging remarks about her close friend Tracey Boakye’s marriage, Afia made a threat to beat the elderly actor.

In his response to Afia Schwarzenegger, Oboy Siki said that his firstborn child was born in 1972, making it abundantly obvious that he is capable of bearing Afia Schwar.

He went on to say that Afia Schwarzenegger had no right to disrespect him in any way by making a comment about Tracey Boakye, whom he regards to be his daughter.

According to him, he will treat Afia Schwarzenegger as if she were his own child and there is nothing that she can do to him because, for all he knows, he may have slept with her mother in the past during his younger days. If this is the case, he will treat her as if she were his own child and beat her like his own child.

Regarding the comment he made on Tracey Boakye’s marriage, he clarified that he admires the actress and filmmaker and that he was basing his submission on observation rather than assuming that she was working for her own demise.