“I went crazy when Sarkodie responded to my text for the first time”- Sista Afia

Musician sister Afia has revealed that she could not believe her luck when she had her text replied by Sarkodie.

According to her, she could not hide her joy and acted crazy; she called almost all her friends and family to tell them that the rapper has responded to her text and added that he would work with her on a song.

” I’ve always wanted to work with Sarkodie I never thought I’d get the chance to meet him talk less of working with him. So when I texted him, I never thought I’ll get a reply not knowing he was already a fan. So he responded to my text and said he would love to work with me. And I didn’t even expect this message because he’s been someone I always wanted to work with. He’s very influential to me. So when he replied to my message, I was all over screaming in the house.” she said

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“I was so hyped that I called my mum, I called everyone close to me to tell them Sarkodie had responded to my text. It was exciting for me. When I finally got the chance to meet him, I couldn’t even look at him.” she added.

She revealed that working with Sarkodie was one of the best things to have happened to her in her career as a musician.

Sister Afia said all this in an interview on 3FM.