“I use my big nyἆsh to win souls for Christ”- Empress Gifty

After her appearance and performance at the “Ashaiman to the World” concert, which just ended, gospel musician Gifty Adorye has gotten a lot of negative feedback from fans and other musicians.

People on the internet have been mocking her and asking why a gospel musician, who is supposed to bring people closer to Christ by dressing modestly, would choose to flaunt her enormous physique by wearing clothing that is too tight.

Empress Gifty has maintained, in her answer to the different criticisms that have been posted on social media, that she sees nothing wrong with anything that people are talking about following her appearance at the concert. This is in response to the fact that she was a performer at the event.

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Watch her Performance Video below.


According to her, she did not so much perform at the event as use it as an opportunity to spread the Gospel message to the audience members who had come out to see the music.

The Empress elaborated, stating that what she was doing was the Gospel for the World.

She went on to say that she had done what was expected of her and was now giving the rest of the work to God.

Watch the video that may be found here: