I show off my boyfriend because I’m happy to be with him – Sister Derby

Sister Derby, a Ghanaian singer, is all about public displays of affection and flaunting her lovers, ranging from Joey B to Medikal and her new partner.

Despite publicized breakups, the ‘UNCLE OBAMA’ singer has stated that she will never hide her relationships.

In an interview with AmeyawTV, the model and influencer discussed why she makes all of her relationships public.

I show off my boyfriend because I'm happy to be with him – Sister Derby 1

She stated, “

“I am the kind of person that likes to be free and not stressed. Hiding, pretending, and calculating are very stressful to me. But if I am comfortable and the person is showing signs of seriousness why should I be hiding? Why should I care about society? everybody goes through relationships and breakups.”

Sister Derby explained why she is constantly seen in public with her boyfriend, David, saying she is very happy and comfortable with him and their relationship and sees no reason to hide him.

“The truth is if you’re comfortable with someone and enjoy their company then you want to be around them all the time. My partner enjoys my company and so do I”