“I saw God” – Nigel Gaisie describes seeing God for the first time in the spiritual realm

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the leader and founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, has stirred a heated controversy on the internet with his claims of seeing God in the spiritual realm.

In an interview with GTV, Nigel Gaisie described how he saw the Almighty while asleep. According to Nigel Gaisie, an image emerged on the wall next to him and began communicating with him.

He states that when he was unconscious, he saw the image that was communicating with him in the form of bubbling water. He attempted to look into the image’s eyes but was unable to bear the heat.

He said that his hair was like wool and his legs were like lambs when describing others elements of the image. He said that the man he met in the spiritual world seemed to be an older white man.

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Some social media users have labeled Nigel Gaisie’s claims of seeing God in his sleep as false.

These people believe he is faking for attention because God will never reveal himself to any living creature.