I never liked Dictation, it gave me headaches during my school days – Obaapa Christy (Video)

During a panel discussion on UTV’s United Showbiz program on Saturday, April 22, 2023, Obaapa Christy, a gospel singer from Ghana, shared some of the challenges she faced growing up.

She spoke about selling secondhand clothing in Sefwi during school vacations to support her family and struggling with schoolwork, particularly spelling.

Despite these difficulties, the musician achieved great success and feels grateful for where she is today.

“I was the one that whenever there was a vacation, I had to go to Sefwii to sell foos (second-hand clothing). I used to work on farms and stuff.

“I never imagined that this is how far God would bring me because I came from a poor family, and I never imagined because even during school days as people were going to school to learn, for me, I wasn’t going purposely to learn, I didn’t like it, and when it comes to their subject called dictation, then I get a headache, so for me, I learned how to spell my name, but I don’t like spellings,” she said.