“I Make Ghc1500 From My Nvde Videos”- Lady Speak After Her Nvde Videos Drop Online

Akua Saucy, a Ghanaian woman, who is currently trending on social media after her nudes got leaked on social media has finally responded.

The said lady took over social media earlier this week for a negative reason after her nude video and pictures got leaked by a guy she apparently had an encounter with.

Many people have questioned why such a stunning woman would permit herself to be recorded naked and shared on social media for everyone to see.

However, Akua Saucy has come out to react as she has categorically stated that she does the nvde video to make a living because she comes from a poor family.

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She claims that she is currently unemployed and that making nvde videos is her only means of surviving in this world.

According to her, she earns Ghc50 a day from the videos she does, and she earns a sum of Ghc1500 at the end of the month to support herself.

She does not depend on any man for a livelihood, but she earns more than other individuals, despite working from dawn to dusk.

She said in a tweet that