“I Love my Husband that Is Why I Moved To Stay In The Slum With Him”- Beautiful Lady Reveals (Video)

Oluwafunmilayo Fatai, a beautiful Nigerian lady, surprised her family and friends by relocating to a Lagos slum to start a new life with a man she married there.

Six years later, the schoolteacher has no regrets about leaving the city to be with her true love.

The now-mother-of-three revealed in an interview that she married her husband in 2016.

Oluwafunmilayo explained that a teaching job brought her to the lagoon slum. She planned to teach there before returning to the city.

During her lesson, the man noticed her and began approaching her. She stated that she didn’t like him at first, but that certain observations changed her mind.

“It is love. He is educated and alfa. And I am also a Muslim. So, that is what I want in a man. “He is a good Muslim, learned person, speaks truth and never tells lies and he loves me. So, what else am I looking for?”

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The schoolteacher revealed that her previous admirers mocked her when they discovered she had settled for a slum dweller.

“I felt bad then but now, I am okay with it. “I believe whatever God said we will be or where we will be, will happen.”

Her husband works as an uber driver in Ajah, while she teaches in the slum.

Oluwafunmilayo stated that her siblings were unhappy with her love choice and did not support the union. The SSCE holder, who wants to continue her studies like her husband, added that her friends don’t come over because of this. She stated:

“My siblings were not okay with it. They don’t support it. They seldom come to see me because blood is thicker than water. “Even my friends don’t visit me at all. My friends only came here when I got married. We just talk on phone.”

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Watch her video below;