“I know over 100 pastors in Kumasi who are G@y”- Homosexual man reveals

On Kumasi-based radio station Akoma FM, a 26-year-old individual, only recognized as Kwaku, has reported that several Ghanaian pastors practice homos*xuality even though it is against the bible.

“A lot of pastors are preaching against homos*xuality but they practice it. I know a bunch of over a hundred pastors alone even in Ghana more specifically Kumasi [who practice it]” he said.


Kwaku said that some of these pastors would typically invite him to sing in their church, but he stopped attending their auditoriums for fear of being targeted.

Some of the pastors perform the act on the blind side of their partners, he said.

“Some are doing it but they are hiding it from their parents, husbands, wives and boyfriends. I’m a singer and I really sing and they call me to sing to them when they are doing their weddings,” he said.