“I knew Medikal was a womanizer”- Wanlov Kubolor reveals.

Musician wanlov the kubolor has revealed that he is not surprised at what Medikal is doing and how he broke the heart of his sister Derby.

Wanlov disclosed that he did not feel sorry for sister Derby when Medikal ditched her because he knew it will come eventually.

He said Derby also came to the realization of this and recorded her Kakalika love song 7 months even before news broke out that the two are no longer together.

He said he got to know medikal was a womanizer by the type of lyrics he uses in his songs.

"I knew Medikal was a womanizer"- Wanlov Kubolor reveals. 1

”I am not 100 percent sorry for Deborah because everyone has to learn and grow. I could tell from afar that Medikal is a guy that likes women based on his lyrics. In all his lyrics, he was talking about different kinds of women and describing them,”

“And he was not just saying those things for show because as a musician if you’re very real to your craft most of the things you make music about are things you’ve done or want to do and so if she was looking at those signs she would not have been hurt or surprised as she was,” Wanlov said.

“I haven’t seen him do any kind of move that I do not like. People who are in love will convince themselves otherwise. She already knew what was going on and had recorded her Kakalika love about 7 months before the news broke out.” Wanlov concluded.