“I have started drinking again” – Juliet Ibrahim finally disclose why She has f*cked up 2020 already – screenshot

just 2days into 2020, actress Juliet Ibrahim disclosed that she has fucked up the year already.

she posted;

‘Ooops, I’ve f**ked up already 2021 will definitely be my year for sure’

just as people were wondering why the actress revealed that she has finally explained to her mess.

to the actress, she promised herself never to taste any champaign this year but just 2day into the year she has braked that promise.

she posted again;

“I appreciate everyone for showing concern yesterday.
So, here’s what happened in 2020 already.
I planned that I would quit drinking Champagne for my New Year’s resolution, but I remembered that nobody likes a quitter. #2021 I’ll do better for sure”

see her post below;