“I have slept with over 100 ladies”- 22 years old lesb!an reveals

A 22-year-old woman who self-identifies as a lesbian has finally let the cat out of the bag about her sexual life and the life she lives behind closed doors. She has finally revealed her sex life, and according to her, she sleeps with the same gender for arousal and has eventually converted innocent ladies into such an act.

She said this while speaking with Arnold, a popular Ghanaian YouTuber who hosts five shows. According to the lady, she is into sex and is a sex addict, but she has no pleasure for the other sex (Men) and prefers women for sex over men.

In her words, the lady stated that if she has money, she sees no reason why she should pursue men, as she is capable of providing for herself. “Right now, if I have money, I don’t need a man for anything,” she explained.

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She continued, “I have slept with over 100 women and counting as the clock ticks.” Most of the women I slept with were unwilling at times, but I chose to persuade them so they would give in.

In conclusion, she stated that she never stays in one place for long, but rather moves from place to place to experience new sensations.

” I don’t stay in one place for a longer time. I stay 2 years at a place and moves find a different grounds. I don’t like area girls so have to change my neighbourhood. Try it and you would enjoy it”

Watch the video below.