“I have not dated any lady for the past two years”- Dr UN

Kwame Fordjour, better known by his stage name Dr. UN, has discussed the rationale behind his choice, made in the past two years, to avoid engaging in anything intimately related to romantic relationships.

Even though he has admitted that he is already a father to two children from two different earlier relationships, Dr. UN claims that in the last two years he has taken a strong stance against taking any girlfriend.

According to Dr. UN, he made the decision in the past two years to abstain from any type of romantic relationship in order to protect his bond with his second baby mama.

He admits that despite the fact that he has encountered many challenges as a result of the same lady, he is firm in his belief that things will work out between them at some point in the future and that he is now holding out hope that she would return to him.

Dr. UN disclosed, in the course of describing some of the difficulties he faced as a result of this lady, that he had to appear in court for two years in a row because the lady’s father had sued him on the grounds that he had supposedly threatened the man’s life.

In spite of everything, he is still holding out hope that one day all of the problems they have will be resolved, and they will be able to be back together as the happy couple they once were.

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