I have not bathed or brushed my teeth for 3 years now – 47-year-old man reveals (Video)

A 47-year-old man has made a startling admission to the media about how his drug addiction has prevented him from achieving his lifelong aim of being a great businessman.

Bernard Tuffour admitted to being addicted to consuming marijuana, or “Wee,” but stunned reporters by saying it had been more than three years since he had taken a bath or washed his teeth. Bernard now depends on Kumasi locals for help.

Bernard Tuffour stated, “I do not remember the last time I bathed because I do not have a sponge, soap, or towel, and even if I did, I do not have anywhere to take my bath.”

Bernard Tuffour confessed on AMBASSADOR TV that his life has been worse since he became addicted to the substance.

“Since I developed a drug addiction, life has not been normal again since a normal person cannot do the things that make us joyful.”

“Can you believe I have not washed my teeth in three years, but I do not feel anything when I eat? Not because I do not want to take a bath or brush my teeth, he said, “but I do not have the money to buy a brush and paste and spend 2 cedis merely to bathe.

“In order to survive, I load Trotro. The most I ever receive is 20 cedis, but even then I spend at least 15 on drugs, 4 on meals, and 1 on the bathroom, he said.

“We have some people who have not bathed for 10 years because the money that they would use to buy a sponge, soap, and towel to bathe, they would use that money to buy drugs and enjoy their feelings,” says Bernard Tuffour.

“Since I am going through a lot right now, I sincerely regret letting friends influence me. Life has become unpleasant for me, sometimes I wonder whether my mother preserved me in her womb for nine months,” he bemoaned.

Watch his video below;