“I have no mental picture of my parents, they died when i was young”- Fameye

Peter Famiyeh Bozah popularly known as Fameye has shared a sad aspect of his life growing up.

According to him, he has no mental image of his parents because both of them died when he was very young.

He disclosed in an interview with 3FM that he was raised by his uncle.

” I lost both parents at a very young age. I never had the chance to meet them and I’m the only child of both of them. I have seen their pictures though which is the only way I can remember their faces.” he said.

Fameye added that he was sure his parents wherever they are will be proud that he chose music as a career.

“I know if they were alive, they would have been happy with what I do. Because there is music in the family and most of my aunts sing in the church choir.” He noted