“I have God’s Gift and calling but i won’t join the ministry, the shrine pays better”- Agraadaa (video)

Komfo Agradaa, a prominent fetish priestess, has revealed that she has been called by God to serve him.

She revealed that she has the gift and calling during a debate on Thunder TV about the disparities between pastors who went into ministry out of God’s calling and others who pushed themselves into it.

Komfo Agradaa claimed that, despite having the calling and gift, she has declined to join God’s ministry.

She likes money too much, according to the fetish priestess, so she can’t abandon her shrine for a church because the shrine pays well.

She went on to tell because, unlike other pastors, she can’t market God’s gift to the people, so she’s sticking to her temple, where she can charge whatever she wishes for consulting.

watch the video below.