“I have gained nothing for supporting NPP to win power”- Agya Koo

Veteran actor Agya Koo who was a very strong supporter of the ruling NPP party when they were in opposition in 2016, has disclosed that he has gotten no benefits from the party after he helped them win power.

He disclosed that some people within the party are spreading rumors that he has been given a lucrative job which is not true.

“Now it has gotten to the work, some of us we know cannot sit in the office. But where we have gotten to a point when some people should say ‘ooh this particular person, we have to reach out to him’”, recalling an experience he had with some MPs whom he campaigned for on the ground.

“I hear people say Agya Koo has been given contract to haul cocoa, cement and fuel.. Especially when I reach London and other places, I hear them say Agya Koo you have this, Agya Koo you have that.. meanwhile I got nothing. That’s why I want to set the records straight. I got nothing. I don’t haul fuel. I don’t haul cocoa… I don’t haul cement as I sit with you here. If it is now, they are going to give me, I don’t know, but as I sit here, I got nothing, he lamented”, Agya Koo said this in the studios of Net2TV.