I have frozen Actress Gyimidi’s Career Because she has been ungrateful to me – Kumawood Director, K. Gyasi (Video)

K. Gyasi, the Kumawood movie director, has halted Gyimidi’s career due to her ungratefulness.

He claims that he was responsible for bringing her into the limelight and training her to become a successful comic actor.

Despite this, Gyimidi has repeatedly denied his contributions and credited another director for discovering her.

Until she rectifies this behavior, K. Gyasi has decided to put her movie career on hold.This decision has sparked a heated debate among fans and industry players alike.

While some have praised K. Gyasi for taking a tough stance against ungratefulness, others have criticized him for being too harsh and vindictive.

Many have also expressed sympathy for Gyimidi, arguing that she may have simply made a mistake or been misinformed about her origins.

Regardless of the opinions, it is clear that this controversy has brought attention to the often-overlooked issue of gratitude in the entertainment industry.

Watch the video below:

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