“I Have Both a Pen!s and a [email protected]”- Ghanaian Musician Labena shares her deep secret (video)

Lawrencia Abena Lamptey, an Afrobeat singer identified professionally as Labena, has made a shocking announcement regarding her genitals.

Speaking on SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, Labena revealed that she has both male and female organs, but does not plan to undergo surgery.

”I don’t feel shy about it and there is no reason to lie either. I was born with it so it’s part of who I am. All the six guys I dated were not shocked by that. Maybe when I get married and he wants me to get it off then I will, ” she stated.

“In reaction to whether or not she had ever slept with a woman, Labena said, “I do not recall it happening. I may have been intoxicated and do not know.

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It is rare or not normal, even though hermaphroditism occurs. The first Ghanaian artist to publicly share such details will be Labena.

With two singles out at the moment, Labena is an Afrobeat and dancehall singer. In 2020, her first single was released, featuring hip-life artist Nii Funny.

watch the video below.