“I have been ordained as a Reverend Minister but I don’t have a church yet”- Obaapa Christy

Obaapa Christy, a well-known gospel singer, recently announced that she has been ordained as a reverend priest, but she hasn’t started her own church yet.

The gospel singer revealed this information during an exclusive interview with Amansan Kyrakye on Kastle FM. She stated that despite the fact that she is now a reverend minister, she has not yet made a decision regarding whether or not she will create her own church.

“Please even though I’m now a reverend but I have not yet established my own church,” she remarked on Kastle FM in Cape Coast.

She did however add that she has faith that God will show her the way to launch her own church at the appropriate moment and that God will instruct her on how to do it.

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 “But when the time comes for me to establish a church in God’s own time He will show his grace,”

Obaapa Christy held a spectacular concert to honor her 20th year of working in the music industry and commemorate the occasion. There were a wide variety of influential people in attendance at the event, including actresses, actors, musicians, and other political figures.

In addition, as part of the festivities commemorating Obaapa Christy’s 20th anniversary, she gave some goods and an amount of money that has not been made public to the Potters Village Orphanage Home, which is situated in Dodowa.