“I found out my mom was pregnant with my boyfriend”- Lady reveals

A woman gave an account of how she learned that her mother was pregnant with her boyfriend’s child.

When her mother was on a trip to Mexico, according to @Julesv0923, who shared her experience on TikTok, she admitted to having an affair.

The woman in the video admitted that she believed she would give birth to a sibling and was shocked to discover that her ex-boyfriend was the father.


zakarieeshat3 wrote; Now I know that family isn’t just by blood like wtf

beefairyfabrics commented; Be giving us full gist next time so we will know how to react, which one is stay tuned for part 2 Does this mean I have to suspend my reaction

sharon_jasmyne had this to say: To have responsible parents is a huge blessing 

drew_ezemarcel wrote; the Same thing happened here in the UK a couple of years ago even worse because the man in question was dating the mother and the daughter, and the woman kept her affairs with the daughter’s boyfriend a secret until she became pregnant. When their entanglements got exposed, the man and woman later moved in together and they had the baby. What a world