“I Found A Pregnancy Test Result In My “Virgin” Girlfriend’s Bag” – Man Narrates His Story

A Nigerian man who is yet to be identified took to a media platform and narrated how he found a pregnancy test result in his virgin girlfriends back.

according to the man, his girlfriend tells him she is keeping her virginity because she has promised her mum any time he tries to have sex with her.

but to his surprise, he one day found a pregnancy test result in his girlfriend’s handbag, the young man is calling out for help an what to do next.

the man narrated;

I’ve known this babe for over two months now. She’s 21. Each time I try to have sex with her, she always comes up with an excuse that her mom said she will buy her a car if she marry as a virgin.

In my mind, I was contemplating dumping her or getting serious asap and tie the knot until I was shocked by the pregnancy test result I saw in her handbag.

The test is actually negative. We are on quarantine, so I still made another move after seeing the test paper and she said that fvcking same thing. Omo, I don’t know what to do oo. Whether to confront her abi make I just port“.