“I don’t smoke weed, I chew it”- Dr. UN

Dr. UN, a self-proclaimed UN official, chews marijuana, not smokes it.

When questioned if he smoked pot, the controversial socialite gave a humorous answer.

Kwame Fordjour, aka Dr. UN, told Onua TV’s Captain Smart that he started chewing the plant at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) but never got addicted.

Captain Smart asked Dr. UN if he had ever smoked weed.

Dr. UN replied, “Way back, it has been long. I use to chew it. It’s tasty, it gives you energy especially if you are a footballer. Those times at KNUST, we use it to sustain our energy in the night to learn. I didn’t do it for even a week. It keeps you awake at night”.

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He said the herbs helped his sexual desire and libido. He could perform in bed for 90 minutes.

“If you want to get a 90-minute performance, it is very good. You wouldn’t stop for the first half”. He said.