“I don’t have a girl, I Chop and go like a chicken”- Mona Mobl3

  • Man with a mental illness Mona Mobl3 has revealed more about his past life.
  • Mona Mobl3 discussed his encounters with women in a recent video.
  • He named a few of the ladies with whom he had affairs while he was sane.

Mona Mobl3, currently Ghana’s most popular mentally ill guy, has made a fascinating revelation about himself.

"I don't have a girl, I Chop and go like a chicken"- Mona Mobl3 1

Mona Mobl3 has opened up about his sex life and relationships with women in a recent episode.

He claims that while he was sane, he had several affairs with women but never maintained a healthy partnership.

Mona Mobl3 disclosed this in a Kofi TV interview with Angel FM’s Kofi Adoma Nwanwani, adding that two of the ladies with whom he had affairs had died.

“It’s like my discharge contained poison because many of the women have died. And I was like a turkey, I just sleep with you and move on so I don’t even know if they get pregnant or not.”

Mona Mobl3 mentioned several of the people with whom he had affairs, along with the towns where they met. Nkawkaw, Agona Swedru, Asaaman, and others were among the towns he listed.

He went on to say that he was a lotto forecaster and that his job needed him to drive.