“I dated 14 men in just two months when i went to the United states”- Efia Odo

With her new revelation, Efia Odo stunned many people.

She dated as many as 14 men while she was in the U.S. several months back, according to the actress.

according to her, was recorded every moment in a show that would soon go online.

She is now experienced and grown, which has won her a big deal with Euro Decor.

As for the 14 men she claims she met, she says it was all for her new show, which was soon to be introduced.


Speaking in an interview with Kofi Tv, she revealed that because she is in a healthy position right now, she has chosen to minimize social media drama.

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Efia claims that when she was all out on social media, she had all the publicity she will ever need, and now she does not do any of that.