I Currently Have 7 Girlfriends and I ‘Eat’ Them Raw – Ali Of DateRush Fame (Video)

Ali of TV3 DateRush fame has revealed that he is dating seven (7) different women all at the same time.

He went on to say that he doesn’t have a serious date but will get s*xual with any of these 7 women without protection whenever he feels like it.

When asked if he is aware that he can contract STDs through unprotected sx, he acknowledged the availability of STDs but stated that unprotected sx is normal for him.

According to Ali, despite the fact that he has intimate relationships with all seven women without protection, none of them has ever complained of pregnancy or any disease.

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The actor believes that having multiple girlfriends is acceptable because he is a Muslim and his religion allows him to marry more than four women.

Ali works as an actor. He rose to prominence on TV3’s DateRush show. The show is intended to assist singles in finding love.