I can't buy ‘Gob3’ again after I became famous - Gyakie cries 1

I can’t buy ‘Gob3’ again after I became famous – Gyakie cries

Gyakie, a Ghanaian sensational songstress, has lamented the fact that she no longer lives the life she used to enjoy since becoming an instant star.

I can't buy ‘Gob3’ again after I became famous - Gyakie cries 2

Being a star entails giving up a lot of activities you like doing in public because you are prepared to deal with the huge backlash from onlookers and online trolls.

The ‘Forever’ hitmaker said in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM that she is currently transitioning and adapting to life as a celebrity.

Gyakie claims she has stopped eating her favorite food, ‘gob3’, which is sold by a woman in her neighborhood.

sge revealed;

“There’s this woman who sells fried plantain and beans and it is one of my favorite food aside from fufu but these days I can no longer go there to buy,” she said.

“Because if I go there to buy and I meet about 50 people there, I’ll wait until they all finish buying before it gets to my turn but now, I can’t go again,”

Gyakie noted that, in addition to all of this, she would be aware of things.

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she added;

“When you’re outside, you have to be conscious about everything that you’re doing. I will say celebrity status is a bit tough because I used to be a normal person.”

“But right now, everyone wants to see what’s going on in your life. I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s all negative but there’s also a positive side but sometimes it’s a bit tough. Nowadays when you’re walking in town, you have to check yourself because someone can put a camera on you unknowingly,”

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