“I can get a woman pregnant because I have both the male and female organ”- Lady reveals

A woman from Nigeria who is intersex, which means that she possesses both male and female sex organs, has shed light on her unusual body condition. Intersex is a disorder that only affects one in a million people.

“I get gbola. I get toto. I no offend anybody. Na so God take create me,” she said

During the video, she talked about her personal life and said that, like most people, she wants to date.

In spite of the fact that she assured potential suitors that she is just as fertile as a man when it comes to getting a woman pregnant, she did warn them that she does not menstruate.

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Her words:

“I no dey menstruate. I get one baby daughter. So if you like me, I dey available for you.”

Watch the video that may be found here: