I asked to check if he is fully equipped for my daughter – Stephanie Benson (Video)

  • Singer Stephanie Benson has revealed that she asked her daughter Alex to search the package of a guy she had brought home from Nigeria to marry.
  • The mother of five expressed her desire to know if the young man was well endowed for her daughter.
  • Benson revealed the news on Instagram, prompting a flood of responses from her fans.

Stephanie Benson, a well-known jazz/R&B artist, has caused a stir on social media after she revealed that she asked to search the package of a guy her daughter had brought home for marriage.

The mother of five clarified that she needed to see how the young man was prepared to take care of her daughter.

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In an Instagram post, she said, ”My daughter Alex brought this stranger from Nigeria she wants to marry. I live in a little village where there are no Black people.”

”Why was the poor guy rushing to leave?” she asked, disclosing that he was afraid if he left too late ”he might get arrested for trespassing in the neighbourhood.”

Stephanie Benson posted a video along with a list of reasons why she was supportive:

1. I miss Ghana so much I didn’t want him to go

2. He was afraid if he left too late he might get arrested for trespassing in the neighbourhood.

3. He had taken my credit card and I was searching for him.

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4. I wanted my daughter to stay.

5. I asked to check out his package to see if he was fully equipped for my Daughter.

watch the video below;