“I am the sort of girl who will visit you 20 times and still not let you chop”- Lady brags.

A pretty lady on twitter has sparked controversies after she bragged that she is the sort of girl that will visit a guy for more than 20 times and still not let the man sleep with her.

The lady identified as Omasilachi Amanda Ifeoluwa Chinda, wrote

“I’m the type of girl who will sleep over your house 20 times & still not let you fuck Rolling on the floor laughing,” – She tweeted.

the comment section was flooded with reactions from mostly men.

see some of the comments below.

‘What’s the difference between you and evil spirit then?’

’20 times as per say na me and you gather pay for the house rent Face with rolling eyes After the first 3 times and nothing come out, you no go even enter my gate again self Relieved faceRelieved face’

‘I’m the type that will only allow you sleep one time
If you no give me knack that one time,no come again’

‘Who is allowing you complete the sleep the first time Smirking faceSmirking face’