I Am Ready To Collaborate With Shatta Wale If He Asks For It – Obaapa Christy Says In New Video

The debate among the gospel community regarding whether it is acceptable for Christians to listen to secular music has been intense.

Christy expressed her opinion that what matters is the message conveyed in the music.

Obaapa stated that she would consider collaborating with a secular artist only if their lyrics glorified God, as gospel songs are inspired by real-life experiences with the addition of the God factor. 

Christy believes that there should be no discrimination and that she would readily do a gospel song with Shatta Wale if he asked, but she draws the line at the lyrics.

She explained that, as a Christian, she has a responsibility to uphold certain values and principles that align with her faith, and listening to music with inappropriate lyrics goes against those values.

Obaapa Christy, stating that Christians should be mindful of the kind of music they listen to and the impact it has on their spiritual life. 

She emphasized that gospel music should be the primary genre for Christians, as it not only uplifts the spirit but also reinforces their faith in God.

However, she also acknowledged that there are some secular songs that have positive messages and can be listened to without compromising one. These views were shared on UTV’s United Showbiz with Mzgee.

Watch the video below: