"I am not gay, I go to church and my church doesn't support that, I was born this way"- Akwasi Kardashian (video) 1

“I am not gay, I go to church and my church doesn’t support that, I was born this way”- Akwasi Kardashian (video)

Akwasi Kardashian, the self-proclaimed Ghana Barbie doll, producer, and social media influencer, has confirmed emphatically in an interview with Ghbase TV that he is not gay like many people believe.

When asked what kind of work he had, Akwasi confidently claimed that he sold scratch cards at the front of his house and that he still had a way of luring his customers in.

To clear the air regarding his identity, Akwasi Kardashian stated that he is a part of the Light House Chapel and that his church does not accept homosexual activities, so he does not associate with homosexuals.

” I am not gay. God created me a man and I am proud of myself. Those criticizing me should check themselves before talking about me. Majority of those bashing me are hypocrites with dirty secrets in their closets. I am not gay and I have never been gay. This is how I was created and I don’t regret being this way.”

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In his final remarks, Akwasi pleaded with his supporters to assist him in purchasing a car so that he will no longer have to depend on commercial vehicles.

Watch the whole interview below.

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