I am not a Joker: Naasei the story singer sends strong message to critics in new video

Naasei the story singer, a popular Ghanaian gospel singer, has sent a strong message to those who think of him as a joker when he sings.

In an interview with Badwam Ahosepe on Adom TV, he posed a rhetorical question about the method people who doubt his gift use to identify jokers.

“I want to know the standard people who think I am joking use in measuring if someone is being serious or a joker,” Naasei the story singer quizzed.

“What makes them think their way of worship is pleasing to God but mine is not pleasing to God?” he said.

“I have been hearing it myself but I don’t pay attention to them because I know where my focus is, after all I was not called by humans,” Naasei noted.

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“I don’t care because God did not sit with anyone when he called me so what makes them think they understand the calling more than I do?” he added.

The singer went on to say that he has no time for such people “I was called alone so they should go ahead with it but for me I am moving forward.”