“I am more dangerous when i am silent”- Empress Gifty

Gospel singer Empress Gifty has given a strong warning to those individuals who continue to criticize the new scorching and burning figure that she has recently debuted.

The gospel singer recently trended after releasing a video of herself online in which she flaunted her figure and boasted about it to others. In the video, she also gloated about how good she looked.

During the course of the Delay program, Delay and other guests discussed their responses to the video and asked the gospel singer about the motivation behind the video.

As a direct result of these and other reactions to the video, Empress Gifty has provided an especially scathing answer to anyone who disagree with her.

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In a recent video, she gives viewers the advice to stay out of her business and to avoid interfering with the way that she chooses to conduct her life.

She asserts that despite the fact that she works as a promoter for businesses, other people do not have the authority to teach her on how to carry out the advertisements, particularly considering the fact that these other people have their own set of problems.