“I am married but i have cheated with over 15 other women”- Phone repairer makes shocking revelation (video)

Even though he is married with two daughters, a man has admitted that he has cheated on his wife many times.
Despite being married, a Kaneshie-based phone repairer named James Obeng appears to have chopped over 15 women outside of his relationship.

James Obeng revealed in an interview with First Lady on BrownGH TV’s “Adwuma Adwuma” show that he used to have a lot of side chicks but that he no longer does due to the country’s difficulty.

He suggested that because of the economic difficulty in the country, he can’t afford to take side chicks.

“Before, I cheated on my wife, but now I have quit. I’ve cheated on my wife with more than 15 other women. Since I am a guy, it’s natural ”   James Obeng said.

The phone repairer also disclosed that for his side chicks he spends and buys them ‘things’ such as brassiers, pads and p@nties but not his wife.

James Obeng admitted that he liked doing business back while he was in school, which is why he became a phone repairer.

He disclosed that although he passed his BECE, because of financial restrictions, he could not continue his education after completing JHS.

Since he was unable to pursue his studies, James Obeng wanted to start his own phone company.

However according him, he began his phone repair company at the age of 18 and has relied on it to support his family.

Instead of dreaming about white-collar work, he urged the youth to concentrate on acquiring a profession or starting their own business.

Watch the following video: