“I am looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend”- Lady with both male and female organ searches for love (watch video)

A hermaphrodite woman from Nigeria has made headlines by publicly announcing that she is beginning the quest for a mate with whom she can spend the rest of her life.

Intersex people are born with a combination of female and male reproductive and sexual anatomy.

For instance, a person may be born with the appearance of a girl on the outside, but the majority of their anatomy may be more typical of a male on the inside.

Or, a person may be born with genitalia that appears to be intermediate between the typical male and female types.

For example, a girl may be born with a clitoris that is unusually big or without a vaginal opening. On the other hand, a boy may be born with a penis that is unusually small or with a scrotum that is split and looks more like labia.

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This Nigerian woman claims that she was born with both the male and female organs functioning very well.

She also wanted it to be clear to anyone who would be interested in dating her that she has a male reproductive organ, so it is possible for her to impregnate another female if she is sexually active with another woman.

The woman said that she is a mother of one child and that she impregnated another woman, who then gave birth to the child. She said this in one of her countless TikTok videos.

Watch the video below.