I am Attracted To Women With Big Body – Zion Felix reveals (Video)

Since Zion Felix and Mina split up, old tapes of interviews he gave when they were still together have surfaced.

A few recordings of interviews that blogger ZionFelix gave while he was still dating his baby mother Mina have come to light following their split.

A segment of one of these films is taken from an interview he gave on the Delay Show.

When Delay questioned why he wasn’t dating someone more modest, Zionfelix explained that he isn’t interested in women’s lifestyles but is attracted to them for their physical appearance.

He claimed that regardless of whether she is a bougie woman or a humble woman, he is drawn to women with excellent physical attributes.

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In an instant, he abandoned Mina’s huge frame to father a child with another woman. His only possible justification is that Erica, the woman, also has a fantastic body.