“Hunger Is Deadlier Than Coronavirus” – Tacha Descends On Prez Buhari (Video)

Tacha of BBNaija fame has taken a swipe at President Buhari of Nigerian on how he is handling the coronavirus in their country.

Buhari in a statement has locked-down some cities in Nigeria to curb the virus which Tcha says she is very disappointed in that.


Tacha in a recent video says, what are people going to eat during the lockdown hence hunger kills faster that coronavirus.

in the video she sais;

“The average Nigerian works on a daily basis and gets paid on a daily basis. We have a lot of Nigerians that do blue-collar jobs. If they don’t work in a day, they will not get money in a day and they will not eat in a day, yet we want to have a lockdown. What will people eat?”

she added;

“Conductors, mothers that go to the market to sell stuff, what will they eat? When you say people should lockdown and stay home, what will they eat, will they eat themselves? A lot of people depend on daily income. So when you say lockdown, you should also provide food for them. Hunger is deadlier than this virus.”

watch her video below;