How Kofi B was rushed to the hospital after a show and how he died Revealed.

This morning, we woke up to news that Hi-life legend Kofi B has kicked the bucket.

Many fans have been asking what might have killed him because he was not sick in any way that the public knows of.

According to Kofi Nti, who is a close friend of Kofi B and a highlife musician as well, Kofi B was rushed to the hospital after he performed at cape coast on the 1st of February.

He disclosed that; Kofi B gave an energetic performance on stage and got all the audience on their feet but complained that he has difficulties in breathing and chest pains after the show.

He was placed on oxygen and given some injections when he was taken to the hospital but died the following day.

The cause of death, according to Kofi Nti is respiratory problems which lead him to suffocate.